Achieving results in unpredictable times!


A Kite to Cloud Mission

Several key factors affect the flight of a kite – weight, lift, drag and thrust – which determine how high a kite can fly toward the clouds and successfully stay airborne. Although used as an analogy, similar essential factors should be considered by individuals and organizations to strategically assess opportunities, challenges and innovative thinking to take their organization to new heights. We help people and organizations grow their impact by tapping into our consulting resources designed to promote vision, strategy and action for mission fulfillment.  

We collaborate with individuals, business and social sector organizations, providing strategic solutions to help build leadership effectiveness, scale impact, grow local and national partnerships and advance philanthropic effectiveness. 

Consulting Areas of Specialty:

  • Executive and Emerging Leaders Development, Workshops and Seminars
  • Nonprofit Transformation and Reorganization
  • Strategic Foresight and Innovation
  • Community and Civic Engagement
  • Individual, Community and National Partnerships
  • Conferences, events and programs
  • Strategic Initiatives and Special Projects

Public Speaking/Keynote Areas of Focus

JAYRAMON LLC speakers and presenters are in a class by themselves.  Their passion and energy can motivate and inspire any audience on topics related to business, civic engagement, personal development, philanthropy and volunteerism.   

Public Speaking/Keynote Areas of Focus:

  • Accelerated Leadership Strategy
  • Business, Faith-based and Nonprofit Innovations
    Public Sector Education and Community Impact Strategies
  • Philanthropy and Community Giving
  • Civic-Centered Approach to Community Engagement​
  • Motivational Series
    • Get Off the Gerbil Wheel: A Remarkable Way to Stop Running and Going Nowhere In Life
    • Leadership Impact: Accelerated Impact for Growth and Promotion @ Work
    • The Lazy Man Proverb: Why Slow Leaders Never Win
    • Acceleration Nation: Education Strategies in Community Schools
    • Discretion: The Intersection of Promotion and Workplace Success


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Training and Development

Investing in People Development

A key characteristic of successful organizations is the value they place on their employees. Investing in the development of people can bring big returns to any organization. JAYRAMON’s training and development services help clients increase the value of their people by increasing skills and competencies. We focus our trainings, workshops and seminars around several core areas of expertise: leadership, communication, personal development, professional development, supervisor management, and performance management.

Customized Approach

We develop a customized training program by conducting on-site research to gather relevant information or by partnering with CEO, human resource office, or division leaders to choose the best and most appropriate training topics to meet the needs of the organization.

Training Process

Our training process is highly engaging and interactive. Our training methods may include one-on-one development sessions with trainers, role-play, videotaping, or group sessions using team development approaches. The end results are quick application of new skills and new behaviors on the job for better workplace performance.

Here are several descriptions for your review:

Managing and Leading Through Ambiguity - Managing through uncertainty occurs often in business today. It is challenging to lead others when you are not clear on where you are going yourself or have little information you can rely upon. Yet, organizations and cultural norms continue to expect leaders to have a proven plan for a successful end-result. That very expectation can promote inaction due to fear of failure. This workshop teaches participants how to manage their response to ambiguity, provide strategies to self-manage productively, find the leadership opportunity in ambiguity, and how to lean on personal strengths to maneuver through the process.

Becoming an Exceptional Leader - This workshop is designed to help participants understand what it means to be a leader, and furnish them with the tools to start their own journey to true leadership. Participants discover how leadership differs from management and the most important leadership qualities and competencies. Additionally, they learn to understand, coach, and motivate team members more effectively, open the lines of communication and ensure shared understanding, prepare for conflict by knowing where it comes from and how best to resolve it, and learn negotiating tools and strategies to help achieve win-win results.

Skills of a High Performing Team – Skills of a High Performing Team workshop is designed for people in middle and senior management who need to move from ‘expert’ to ‘adaptive’ to influence others and engage them positively. Once people have an awareness of self, they need to develop awareness of others to adapt and connect better as a team. The outcomes are higher levels of trust, increased productivity, enhanced respect, optimal collaboration, and employee satisfaction.

Managing Time and Delegating Effectively - Delegating at work can be extremely challenging. Learn how to effectively handle employees with this workshop focused on developing your ability to effectively delegate tasks and responsibilities to your employees. Learn how to recognize common delegation pitfalls and how to avoid them, how individual workstyles can impact work delegation, and how to most efficiently delegate tasks to unique workstyles!

Leadership Agility: How to Lead Focused, Fast and Flexible - This workshop is designed for any organization interested in increasing the “agility” of its members and the team as a whole – agility being the ability to work more effectively with others in a complex, rapidly changing and sometimes chaotic environments. Participants learn, three key “levels of agility” gain a new common language for understanding leadership and teamwork, and they learn what it takes to operate efficiently and effectively at a rapid pace.

Increased Leadership Performance (No Matter Your Title) –Knowing the difference between leading people and managing things is a critical factor in determining success within a department or organization. This workshop engages team members in exploring differences between leadership influence and management, and how to balance increasing overall performance while driving employee engagement and commitment. The result is the ability to leverage personal influence by partnering with your boss and the team while sharpening your leadership at work and in community.

Anticipate for Higher Performance - This workshop offers invaluable guidance on how to navigate complex, unanticipated situations, identify emergency situations at work, and how to assess your own biases under pressure. Learn strategies to manage new information effectively and make informed decisions when time is of the essence. Discover how to delegate responsibility and gather resources quickly and efficiently.

Innovate Through Workplace Chaos and Transformation - The workshop is challenging, interactive and fun. Participants develop creative skills they can put into immediate effect. They learn by trying different techniques on real business problems and generate innovative ideas for issues specific to your organization. Anyone who wants to find new solutions to problems and build a culture of creativity and innovation in their team should attend.

Leading Through Your Strengths – Leveraging the book by author Marcus Buckingham titled Now Discover Your Strengths, participants use an assessment tool to help them become aware of the natural ways they think, feel and behave. This workshop teaches participants the tools necessary to leverage their strengths, spend less time on what they do not do well, explore their greatest workplace talents and a natural ability to achieve personal and work life goals. (Book/assessment must be purchased for each participant)

Time Management and Project Prioritization – Participants identify strategies and barriers to effective time management in this workshop. Attendees demonstrate their understanding of effective time management by identifying procrastinating habits, creating their own weekly schedules, prioritizing tasks and seeing where most of their stress originate.

Allies, Diversity, Inclusion and Equity

Equipping Employees and Teams to Lead Authentically and with Courage

Developing Inclusive Leaders and Teams Bootcamp 101 (Full Day) - This bootcamp informs workplace leaders on the importance of diversity, inclusion and equity, understanding individual biases, and providing the tools to act as thoughtful allies. This is an interactive, thought-provoking workshop to help employees address tough diversity and inclusion, leadership, and culture questions head-on with compassion and civility. Emerging leaders, line leaders, managers, and directors will gain understanding of what it means to be an inclusive leader and ally and why it should be a business imperative in today’s global marketplace.

  • Participants gain foundational strategies for becoming more diverse and more inclusive       professionals, at a deeper level, while helping them thrive by bringing their whole self to work.
  • Participants learn to recognize their own privilege and bias and how it affects their behavior toward others, while equipping them with practical debiasing strategies.   
  • Participants learn allyship best practices while building their “courage muscle” in a caring environment with their peers.

Developing Workplace Workshop (Half Day) - This workshop is a great way to inform participants on the importance of diversity, inclusion and encourage people to act as allies in the workplace. Through facilitated dialogue and round-table discussions participants engage in activities that will get them thinking critically about where they stand as allies and how they can become better allies. 

  • Participants will learn to recognize their own privilege and the ways it affects their behavior toward others.
  • Participants will understand the importance of diversity and inclusivity, and strategies for becoming more diverse and more inclusive professionals.
  • Participants will understand that allyship is an ongoing process, and that even the best allies still have a long way to go.