About US

A Kite to Cloud Mission


Several key factors affect the flight of a kite – weight, lift, drag and thrust – which determine how high a kite can fly toward the clouds and successfully stay airborne. Although used as an analogy, similar essential factors should be considered by individuals and organizations to strategically assess opportunities, challenges and innovative thinking to take their organization to new heights. We help people and organizations grow their impact by tapping into our consulting resources designed to promote vision, strategy and action for mission fulfillment.  

We collaborate with individuals, business and social sector organizations, providing strategic solutions to help build leadership effectiveness, scale impact, grow local and national partnerships and advance philanthropic effectiveness. 

Consulting Areas of Specialty:

  • Executive and Emerging Leaders Development, Workshops and Seminars
  • Nonprofit Transformation and Reorganization
  • Strategic Foresight and Innovation
  • Philanthropy and Civic Engagement
  • Individual, Community and National Partnerships
  • Volunteer Engagement and Management
  • Strategic Initiatives and Special Projects

Public Speaking/Keynote Areas of Focus

JAYRAMON LLC speakers and presenters are in a class by themselves.  Their passion and energy can motivate and inspire any audience on topics related to business, civic engagement, personal development, philanthropy and volunteerism.   

Public Speaking/Keynote Areas of Focus:

  • Accelerated Leadership Strategy
  • Business, Faith-based and Nonprofit Innovations
  • Public Sector Education and Community Impact Strategies
  • Philanthropy and Community Giving
  • Civic-Centered Approach to Community Engagement​
  • Motivational Series
    • Get Off the Gerbil Wheel: A Remarkable Way to Stop Running and Going Nowhere In Life
    • Leadership Impact: Accelerated Impact for Growth and Promotion @ Work
    • The Lazy Man Proverb: Why Slow Leaders Never Win
    • Acceleration Nation: Education Strategies in Community Schools​
    • Discretion: The Intersection of Promotion and Workplace Success


Looking for a dynamic speaker, trainer or facilitator?  Let us teach and engage your audience!

Services for Churches and Faith-based Organizations

Volunteer Engagement

  • Culture, Mobilization (internal & external volunteers) & Stewardship
  • Talent Management Resources & Development
  • Training & Development

Civic and Community Engagement

  • Local/Global Missions, Outreach and Engagement*
  • Partnerships with Legislators, Business Leaders and Key Stakeholders
  • Corporate and Foundation Relations

Relationship-Based Fundraising

  • Grant identification
  • Strategic Community Investments
  • Event and Project Management

Conference Planning and Event Management

  • VIP Hospitality/Guest Ministry Training and Management
  • Productivity Consulting

Administration & Strategic Planning

  • Senior and Emerging Leaders Development
  • Strategic Planning and Alignment
  • Outcome Focused Planning
  • Executive Search, Talent Management Resources and Development
  • Media Relations