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Jason and Kelli Daniels - Principle Consultants

   Jason and Kelli Daniels have a defined record of leadership excellence, consulting with people and organizations to build upon their strengths and develop strategies that maximize potential. This powerful husband and wife team have an impressive 30 years of combined expertise in corporate, faith-based, nonprofit, government and higher education arenas, delivering keynotes and workshops throughout the United States and internationally.    

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Get to Know Jason and Kelli


Jason Daniels

  Jason Daniels is a strategist, speaker, contributing journalist, former radio personality and author of the book Get Off the Gerbil Wheel: A Remarkable Way to Stop Running and Going Nowhere in Life. He currently serves as President and CEO of JAYRAMON LLC, a consultancy focused on collaborating with corporate, civic, social sector and non-profit organizations, providing strategic solutions to help build leadership effectiveness, scale impact, grow local and national partnerships and advance philanthropic effectiveness.    

Throughout an impressive 11-year United Way career, Jason worked in executive roles in Toledo and Cleveland Ohio until 2016, where he served on various statewide and national taskforces with national and global organizations and companies, including United Way Worldwide. During his time, he contributed his expertise in areas such as community impact, strategy and innovation, strategic partnerships, human capital, volunteer engagement, diversity and inclusion, and governmental relations. He was selected to participate in a month-long visit to 26 cities in India through Rotary International teaching philanthropy and leadership development.    

With over 20 years of conducting workshops, seminars and keynote presentations, Daniels has developed a keen sense of how best to develop people and share his life experiences to motivate and inspire audiences. He is most proud of his personal work creating neighborhood based youth initiatives for under-served communities and lending his talents to local and national boards and committees that focus on diversity and inclusion, creativity and free expression, challenging inequality, African American male achievement and celebrating the lives of women, children, and people of color. Jason graduated from the University of Toledo with a Bachelor of Arts and Sciences in Communication with an emphasis in television and radio, both fields he has worked professionally. 

He and his wife Kelli spend much of their free time volunteering at their local church and partnering with organizations whose mission is to free women and children from human trafficking.


Kelli Daniels

Kelli Daniels, VP of Operations for JAYRAMON, is best known for her work in campaign politics and as an advocate for women's health.  Kelli graduated from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Political Sciene with an emphasis in American Political Systems. 

She excelled in the classroom while committing her time and efforts to electoral campaigns.  She invested her time exploring the correlation of institutions of faith and social justice while educating herself and others about the importance of HIV-AIDS prevention and community organizing. 

Kelli participated in unique education and community service opportunities at American University in Washington D.C. and Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia.  During her one-year fellowship with the Council for a Parliament of the World Religions, Kelli worked as a fair housing advocate for a Latino-serving organization based in Chicago, Illinois.

Since that time, Kelli has worked for two institutions of higher education.  In both roles, she has honed skills in project and fiscal management, strategic planning, volunteer engagement and coordination.  A speaker and trainer as well, Kelli focuses her efforts on improving women's health, parent success strategies and efforts to abolish human trafficking.