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About the Book

If you have recently thought, "there has to be more to life than this!" you must buy this book. Stop being afraid of becoming the person you were meant to be. Learn how to get off the wheel of life taking you nowhere fast and push toward a life of success, happiness, risk and adventure.

From the busy executive to the stay at home parent, this book equips you with tools and strategies to embrace change, shatter fear and end the paralysis holding you back from a life of maximum potential.  

About the Author

Jason Daniels is a strategist, speaker, advocate and author of the book Get Off the Gerbil Wheel: A Remarkable Way to Stop Running and Going Nowhere in Life. He currently serves as President and CEO of JAYRAMON LLC, a consultancy designed to help people and organizations grow their impact. Along with his wife, they focus their efforts in the areas of leadership development, community engagement, regional and national partnerships and philanthropic effectiveness.

Jason has worked in executive roles where he served on various statewide and national taskforces with national and global organizations and companies. During his time working for corporate, city government, and non-profit sectors, he contributed his expertise in the following areas: community impact, strategy and innovation, education mobilization, strategic partnerships, human capital, volunteer engagement, diversity and inclusion, and government relations, and individual engagement.

With over 20 years of conducting workshops, seminars and keynote presentations, Daniels has developed a keen sense of how best to develop people and share his life experiences to motivate and inspire audiences everywhere. Jason resides in Ohio with his wife Kelli and daughter Elise.

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